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Tailor-made solutions for complex procedures.

We give substrates for deployment in the fields of automotive, object and home textiles, military and medicine the finishing touch. Our COMPOSITES DIVISION develops individual solutions for producing, processing and coating for instance yarns, fleece textiles, area fabrics and installed floorings. No matter if it's our customer’s substrate or one provided by us on behalf of the customer. Apart from that, we are able to offer a wide range of our own products to our customers.

Furthermore, we carry out a whole range of different special applications at our Gladbacher Straße plant. Among them special products for the military, complex product solutions, food-safe coatings, for example, but also protection suits.

The range of production possibilities at the plant is tailored to precisely meet our customers’ needs. We use state-of-the-art coating facilities and innovative technologies such as a plasma facility. Furthermore, we are capable of processing solvent-containing compounds, since we have the appropriate equipment – environment-friendly, of course.