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A view into the laboratory.

In developing new products und technologies we are always one step ahead. We present two current projects by our divisions COMPOSITES and CARPETS.

Low-e-fabrics for keeping heads cool.
Thanks to the so-called Low-e-fabrics, which we had a great deal of developing in, makes sure that air passengers keep their heads cool even at the new Bangkok airport with its tropical temperatures. On approx. 120,000 square metres the ceilings of the gangways have been covered with a membrane made of special glass fabrics, coated with highly reflecting aluminium. This membrane is not only useful for insulation but also for absorbing sound. Right now we are working together with our partners on further optimising the coatings and to make them more transparent.

Carpets get a new back.
Also in the carpets division we look ahead or rather down, since down there everything is about carpet floors. At the moment we are developing new back coatings together with renowned partners from the industry. The basis are so-called hot melt or polyurethane compounds. These synthetics are an alternative to the often used latex coatings. They make installing carpet floors easier while at the same time being gentle to the environment through more efficient production methods.